Band Development

General Proposal

Why we fit.

We turn your brand into provocative art. This is visual storytelling that is bold and unconventional to differentiate you from your competitors.

We create your aesthetic identity together from beginning to end.

I mean…this should be fun, right?

I offer an artistic and modern approach for your brand, trend-aware yet timeless.


Let’s work together to develop everything that defines your story

You should have control over what your brand shows the world. Together, we’ll develop your story and build your individual aesthetic. And we’ll explore all kinds of angles…

Let’s make something profoundly ‘you’

While brands need a nudge every five to ten years to make them stand out in our modern climate, we’ll build a strong foundation together. With an eye toward trends, technological advancements, and art-forward notions from beginning to end, we’ll communicate your mission, vision, and values.

Together, we can fully develop the building blocks of a brand that is YOU.

McCormick Photos & Design:
where high-art meets modern marketing.

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