Business Brain For The Creative Mind (Class)

Whaddya get?

  • 3 Hour Live (or Online) Class
  • Downloadable Book (PDF and animated E-Pub!)
  • Professionally Edited Recap Video 
  • Recorded Zoom Video From April 2nd
  • All Your Questions Answered in a Flurry of Coffee-Induced Joy


Live, In-Studio

(booster required)

Business Brain For The Creative Mind

Business Brain For The Creative Mind

$20.00 – $50.00

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(Zoom link and password with purchase)

Business Brain For The Creative Mind

Business Brain For The Creative Mind

$30.00 – $50.00

Buy now

Why you need it:

  • You can establish the strong building blocks for your successful business
  • This isn’t a normal boring business tutorial. This is for all us creatives
  • You can apply your out-of-the box thinking and find easy ways to help your company
  • Because you’d love to find ways to grow your business without feeling like you have to be “good” at social media
  • It’s cheap…and sliding scale. Begrudgingly, like the world’s view on the jobs we do

Who is this for:

  • Artists, musicians, photographers, dancers, designers…anyone that continually gets the shaft when invoicing
  • Someone starting a new company
  • Someone looking to creatively grow their existing company
  • Someone bored that misses me

Why both live and online?

I prefer in-person always. But, I’ve had a lot of requests for this class from folks outside of Colorado. So, I wanted to open it up for those who’d like to follow along on Zoom as well. Plus, while in-person requires everyone to be boosted, I understand that times are still a little trying. While some of us are excited to be back in the presence of others, some aren’t quite ready yet – and I respect that.

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