Boost Counseling & Consulting

Nurturing Your Empowerment

Brand Development

Company: Boost Counseling & Consulting
Years: 2018—2020
Roles: Design | Marketing | Art Direction | Photographer | Web Developer | Copy Editor 
Project: Visual Identity | Website Design/Development | Merchandise Design | Photographer | Project Management | Marketing Advisor
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Boost Counseling & Consulting’s Mission: 

To nurture and support individuals and organizations by guiding them to acquire the necessary skills to manifest and sustain harmonious lives, promote nonviolent systems, and to discover the unexplored possibilities of true healing, resilience and growth. My role for this project was to develop all creative assets and lead all marketing goals and plans.

Website Development and Implementation for Boost Counseling & Consulting

Boost Counseling & Consulting Homepage Example

Developing The Brand Aesthetic

Boost Counseling & Consulting Color Palette

Boost Counseling & Consulting Workbook Example

Boost Counseling & Consulting Animated Logo


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