Gregory Alan Isakov With The Colorado Symphony

Handwritten Sentiment

We developed a hand writing style for Gregory’s record that consisted of a calligraphy pen and dip ink. We loved the thick and thin variations between when the pen was heavy with ink vs. when it began to run low.

I love how the natural splatters and dips and turns of the handwriting came out. I sat down to begin writing and I realized, “we have a whole symphony worth of people’s names to write…uh oh.” So, that took a second! 

Creating a brand for a legend.

Gregory remains one of my favorite musicians in Colorado. His music has been a peak of my listening for many many years. I’m extremely honored each time I get to work with him. This particular set of images was based on a piece I had done for a local Tarot Card company. The concept grew into three general elements: Double exposure with hands and mountains, fire that represented the symphony, and the dark, undulating ground that represented Gregory himself.


I also got to develop several posters for Gregory’s western and European tours. Some were screen printed and sold on the tour and some were simple admats for social announcements.

A Collaboration With Blue Gabor

I was extremely lucky to collaborate on two of the images for the inside panels of Gregory’s album with the magnificently talented Blue Gabor. I always cherish the opportunity to work with her as I think her imagery is gorgeous and her attitude is wonderful.

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