Walker Lukens

Walker Lukens

Art Photos, Wordmark, Typographic Heirarchy, Album Design

Project designed by Scott McCormick


A look at one lonely corner through time.

Art Direction  ·  Branding  ·  Photography ·  Design ·  Merchandise


After submitting several conceptual sketches, Walker and I agreed on an idea revolving around looking at the same street corner through several decades. We set out in Austin, TX for three days straight to gather photos to combine to achieve the images.

On my flight out to Austin, I began sketching a 12 block radius cities from above after researching city planning in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. I wanted to make sure that the background of each image changed accordingly based on historical shifts. It was definitely a daunting task to find elements in Austin that matched each of the decades we had sketched…even finding curbs was extremely difficult. Curbs now are all ASA approved for wheelchair access. However, in the 1950’s, they certainly were not…

Street lights were different, building styles were different, signage was different, etc. It ended up being 63 hours of photographing Austin without a break – even for sleep. Whew…

⏤ 1954 ⏤
⏤ 1966 – Adult ⏤
⏤ Reset – 1971 ⏤
⏤ 1977 ⏤
⏤ 1986 ⏤
⏤ 1995 ⏤

In Collaboration With Chris Corona

Promotional images were taken after I left Austin by my great friend, Chris Corona. He went back to the same abandoned mall we shot a few images at, and photographed the band from the same place I was standing (we lined it up beautifully using FaceTime). He then sent me the images he liked and I added the band on our make-believe corner.


⏤ Now ⏤
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