Like We Own It: A Shoot With The Motet

October 22, 2019 — 

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Working with The Motet in studio.


If you’re on a phone, open the video below in the YouTube app and press play. Then pause it and move your phone around to check out the whole scene!

If you’re on a desktop, just click and drag in the video to see what’s going on!


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Just seeing if this works at all

The Motet has been a Denver staple since their inception in 1998. When I got an email asking to do some creative promotional photos for the seven piece powerhouse, I was super stoked. They came into the studio like a whirlwind of positivity. No strangers to promotional photo shoots, they carried themselves extremely professionally but had a lighthearted approach that kept the entire session fun. I really dig when time ceases to exist during a photo shoot…

We set forward to try to create a brand new concept for band photos – a 360º fully immersive image. While we maintained the traditional white backdrop band photo, we turned the concept on its side and shot everything with a GoPro Fusion (a 360º camera). I stitched all the images together in Photoshop and rendered out a super fun interactive video. Along side the hyper-creative immersive photo, we also played a bunch with my projector and a series of images and patterns that matched the attitude of the band. To round everything out, we also made sure to shoot some fun, but standard white backdrop promo shots – and even included a bit of a shutter drag for some movement. These guys are awesome, and I hope you enjoy their photos as much as we all enjoyed making them.


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