The Fulltime Filmmaker: Rob Shearer

Rob Shearer –

Promotional photos | head shots | Creative Director

Rob Shearer – Fulltime Filmmaker

I love working with inherent storytellers, and Rob is a phenomenal one. As a fulltime filmmaker, he creates wonderful stories. Make sure to check out his work.

What a fun and amazing project this has been! Rob approached me to do some updated head shots for his website and promotional use. As Rob is an amazing filmmaker and incredible photographer, I really wanted to push the notion of headshots to a more fun and creative realm. This project allowed me to reach deep down into my inner film nerd and do a deep dive into some of my favorite filmmakers as a source of inspiration.  We got to tap into the works of:

Georges Méliès

Ingmar Bergman (as a side note: check out my friend Chris’s Instagram @ingmar_bergmemes – epic)

Stanley Kubrick (his photography in particular)

Alfred Hitchcock

Frederico Fellini

F.W. Murnau

Alejandro Jodorowsky

David Lean

…and more

I’m stoked with how the images turned out and I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with such a wonderful, creative, and softly powerful man like Rob. Make sure to check out his still images as well…I originally knew his work because of the wonderful work he does there.


Looking at the list of directors and the photos, can you tell which images reflect the director or directors that coincide with the imagery? Fun game….

The Nerdery

We got to use the projector in studio a bunch! It was so fun to snag stills and create new imagery to project on the backdrop behind Rob as we shot. While projectors are becoming more and more popular for wild colors projected directly on the subject, I wanted to use it to create a cinematic backdrop. All we had to do was have Rob sit far enough away from the backdrop that the light from the projector didn’t hit him at all. From there we could use some super fun, creative portrait lighting for the remainder. On a few we had strip boxes and a couple AlienBees. We were able to use a little $10 hot light to create a killer orange hue against the projected blue/green and maintain a cinematic lighting. We turned on the fog machine for a few as well… Can you tell which image we allowed the projector to actually be the primary light source against Rob? We got to play with building backgrounds using batting, and a painted backdrop. We played with long exposure photography… All-in-all, for a full day shoot, we did a LOT. It was super fun!


All things said and done, Rob is a genuinely wonderful and creative person and I feel so lucky to have had the chance to work with him and stretch both of our creative brains to bring forward some awesome imagery! I hope you enjoy as much as we do!! See you soon…. +S


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